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Star Chick Enterprise [UK Maxim]

Star Chick Enterprise
Forget Mr Spock, the only Vulcan worth your attention is new Star Trek lifeform Jolene Blalock.
Interview: Graham Wray
Transcribed: [Jolene Blalock]

Does Dolly Parton’s song ‘Jolene’ haunt you?
If I had a dollar for every time someone had sung it to me, I’d have retired already. I love the song, though, so it isn’t as annoying as it should be.

For the record, have you ever taken someone else’s man ‘just because you can’?
Not intentionally, I’m far too nice a girl to do that.

You were a model before becoming an actress. How did you get spotted?
A friend of mine at a casting agency phoned to tell me to get down there straight away as they were casting for something he thought I’d be perfect for. The problem was I was at my boyfriend’s house, wearing his old vest, his huge shorts that went to my knees, and a battered pair of Converse. I looked like a little boy but I had to go right then. I walked in and there were all these beautiful girls in little dresses and heels but somehow I got the part. Don’t ask.

Do you make a habit of dressing up in your boyfriend’s clothes?
Oh yeah, it’s so comfortable and convenient. And you know what? For me, the sexiest thing in the world is wearing a pair of men’s underpants. There’s just something about knowing I’ve got my boyfriend’s underwear next to my skin that does it for me. That and the catsuit I wear in the new Star Trek series Enterprise – it’s always with me.

As a youngster watching Star Trek, did you have the hots for Captain Kirk or Mr Spock?
Everyone else thought that Kirk was the sexy one but that’s not true. Spock may have been quiet and geeky, but it was a quiet, sexy geekiness. This part is just fantastic for me because I grew up with Star Trek.

Do you get to wear pointy ears in the series?
Of course, I’m full Vulcan, whereas Spock was half human, so I’m a superior species.

Ever been tempted to wear them at home?
No, but I’ve worn them in public. Before one scene we were trying to get my belly button ring out – at one point we had two pairs of pliers on it and I was in agony. And finally the producer sent me to a tattoo shop down the road, so I went there in my ears, wig and a pink bathrobe. No-one gave me a second look in the street and when I walked into the tattoo shop, the guy didn’t even bat an eyelid. He just looked at my pointy ears – and they look very authentic – then started talking about the belly button ring. That’s LA for you.

Vulcans can’t express emotion. Can you keep yours in cheek or are you a wild thing?
Like the Vulcans, I’m very controlled. When having a fight with someone, I have to back off, smile, breathe deeply and go to that special place and try and keep it all together. Otherwise there’d be fireworks.

Have you discovered anything illogical about the ‘male species’?
Where do I start? Picking one thing is so hard because you guys are quite a breed. Why is it you get so possessive? Why do you get so raving jealous? Why are you so needy? It’s unattractive and it’s tiring. I can’t stand the inquests that follow, so by then I’ve done a runner. And I keep running to make sure I can’t be caught.

In the bedroom, are there any final frontiers you won’t cross? Places you refuse to boldly go?
If it’s love then you’re crossing all frontiers anyway, and if it’s not, then you’ve got nothing to cross. Having said that, it would be frightening if I walked in and a guy was wearing my clothes I may have to reassess then. And if it was a Star Trek outfit, I’d be out the door.

So what’s been the scene of your most debauched act ever?
A trampoline? Next.

You were quoted as saying that after sex you love it when you come to on the other side of the room. Do you make a habit of passing out at inopportune moments?
No, what I meant was that I love that heavy breathing moment when you’re all sweaty exhausted and you think, “What the hell just happened?” You slowly come to your senses and you find yourself in the starfish position. That’s the best thing about sex.

So what’s worst?
When you don’t know what you’re going to get into. Checking the goods for the first time is a crucial moment because – and I’m sorry – but size matters. The bottom line is you can never tell and the only way to be sure would be if you went round ‘pant checking’ with your hands, which is a little undignified. But I really don’t think there’s such thing as ‘Woah, too big!’

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