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November 7th – Vulcan babe Jolene Blalock joined ktla to promote the new Star Trek show Enterprise, and to talk about her sexy pictures in Maxim magazine!

She is the Vulcan babe of the new Star Trek series Enterprise, Jolene Blalock joins us this morning. Good morning. How are you doing?
Good morning, I am doing good.
All right. So you’re on the Star Trek thing. You are like Spock aren’t you? Like you’re high up in the chain of command.
Yeah, I’ve been assigned to the Enterprise as supervisor, sort of.
No, no, you are Sub Commander T’Pol. You’re going where no woman has gone before. How does it feel to be the woman heading up this crew of guys?
Pretty full of estrogen I can say that. And it needs a little estrogen.
Now Jolene you are also pretty emotionless in the show. Is that part of the Vulcan characteristic. You don’t show anything like a machine?
Oh absolutely, I think that’s because the Vulcans, they through meditation they control their emotions. But hat’s to preserve their race, they have to. They’re actually a highly volatile race. You know what…
Do they act like a normal human would react?
True, but I just call that special place. You know when people come up in your face and you wanna lash out at them. You just go to that special place.
Scott Bakula is your counterpart in a way and you’re supposed to maintain the humanity and make sure he understands what human earthlings are all about. What are humans earthlings all about? What is your subtext for that role?
A hunger for adventure, they love to take risks. They get their highs from risk. And they’re ultimately compassionate. So let’s not be too compassionate, let’s not be too risky and I guess that’s being logical.
We have a clip from the show, we’re going to show it to you right now. Do you know what the clip is about or anything?
No, I don’t.
Not a clue, huh? Vulcans don’t know everything. Let’s go to the clip and we’ll see you in action, anyway.

T’Pol: If you spent the last year on Vulcan you would’ve learnt that our commitment to tradition outweighs personal choice.
Tucker: I respect your customs but this marriage was arranged when you were a kid. A lot happened since then. People change.
T’Pol: Vulcans don’t.
Tucker: Really?
T’Pol: My obligation is to my culture. My heritage, it has to take precedence.
Tucker: Sounds to me like you’ve already made up your mind. Why the hell did you ask me here?
T’Pol: It was a mistake.

All right. Yeah, it was a mistake. You’re also on the cover of the Maxim magazine and there are some great, great. shots of you inside. Now, my first question was the bikini. Can you actually swim in it? Coz it’s kinda like fuzzy right?
No, no, I think anything that thin would disintegrate in water. There’d be nothing left.
Was it good for you to do that shot or did you get nervous or anything?
No it was great. There’s actually the double page spread I actually fell asleep on, you know on set. Put me lying down on a twelve hour shoot, I mean of course I am going to fall asleep. So there you go.
And it takes that long, twelve hours? Do you get to pick which ones, or at least say no, I don’t want that one?
No, but some day.
Were you a Trekkie fan before taking on the Enterprise?
You were…
Absolutely. I grew up with it.
So it must be terrific for you to be able to carry on the human legend.
It’s surreal. Like god look at me now.
Great. And you’re pretty physically active, apparently you do some Thai-boxing and that kind of stuff?
Yeah, yeah, it’s great.
I did the Billy Blanks thing there for awhile.
It’s a little different but.
Altogether different. It doesn’t qualify at all. I thought we could just connect there on some connect there on some kind of level.
Oh, sure, sure.
Thanks for coming. Yeah thank you very much for coming in, Jolene Blalock who appears on the Enterprise. It happens on Wednesday nights, eight o’clock on UPN.

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