BBC Fives – ‘The Juice’ – Enterprise star Jolene Blalock and Dominic Keating

Source: BBC Five Radio.

The Juice: It’s back, the program that made the split infinitive acceptable has a new series. Enterprise is the latest addition to the Star Trek universe. It’s set over 100 years before Captain Kirk was even a sparkle in his mother’s eye, and it starts on Sky One on Monday.
‘Enterprise’ stars Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathon Archer, and Captain Archer has a fiery relationship with his female Vulcan crewmember, T’Pol.

[Scene from Broken Bow]

The Juice: Jolene Blalock plays T’Pol, and the Juice’s Adam Ross beams down to her and her co-star, Dominic Keating who plays Malcolm Reed.

Jolene: Gene Roddenberry had a concept for Star Trek, which was not to be the good guy vs. the bad guy. It was more about characterization, it was about our relationships with each other. And what we can learn from each other, and what we can accomplish together. Send them out to the middle of nowhere and learn from each other, and not only that but learn, like Gene Roddenberry would say, from the polka dotted people. The polka dotted aliens. And that’s what I believe Enterprise is doing.

Dominic: It’s following really in the cartwheel tracks of Classic Trek, certainly closer to it then it has been in the last incarnation.

Jolene: They have crossed lines they haven’t crossed before. It’s nice to push an envelope that Star Trek hasn’t done previously. You’re gonna see more skin, you’re gonna see more body. You’re gonna see…more relationships. But it’s all in good taste, and it’s more about the story rather than the flesh of course.

The Juice: Dominic’s character file describes Reed as professional, reserved and harbors a great love for munitions. And a spit and polish British armory officer. What’s your opinion on that?

Dominic: There’s a part of me that’s very like that. I was seventeen and a half when I was going to join the Scots Dragoon Guards. I guess that’s why I’m pitching Malcolm Reed as the remembrance when I was that seventeen-eighteen year old who was thinking about joining the Army. Before, you know, universality in London – sex, drugs and rock and roll and becoming an actor.

The Juice: Have you been to a convention yet?

Dominic: Yes!

Jolene: No.

Dominic: I’ve done three. I’m a convention queen already. The fans are great, devoted. Discerning. They know what it is they are listening to.
I have seen my 350 pound Klingon, him and his gaggle. And then you get the mother of two who grew up with the original, and her kids just adore it now and it’s a family thing. They sit down and watch together. They’re fun.

The Juice: Are you looking forward to them Jolene?

Jolene: I am scared.

Dominic: Scaredy cat…


Jolene: Dominic hasn’t briefed me on what exactly it entails. So I guess I’m waiting for that.

Dominic: I do impressions of Jolene at my convention appearances. [Laughs] I do. I do impressions from the Maxim spread. [Laughs] And they go down very well. [Laughs]

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